The Art of Forgery

The Art of Forgery chronicles the mystery, intrigue and scandal of forgery, often considered the world’s most glamorous crime. The history of art and cultural forgery is packed with true-crime stories – both fabled and lesser-known – that are fascinating, illuminating and often bizarre.

Art crime expert Noah Charney investigates how and the world’s most artful tricksters – often ingenious and charming – succeeded in deceiving the art world from antiquity to today. He exposes the tricks of their trade, and describes how they were eventually caught, through shrewd detective work, scientific examination or sheer luck. He also reveals how the art world is, in many ways, complicit, stepping eagerly into the traps laid by these crafty criminals (publisher’s presentation).

* Noah Charney, The Art of Forgery – The minds, motives and methods of the master forgers, Phaidon, 2015.