(Re)structuring Copyright

Daniel GervaisDaniel Gervais argues in this book that the international copyright system should be rethink. His work aims to inform the debate about the future of copyright and its influence on human creativity.

As the internet alters the world in which copyright operates beyond all recognition, a world increasingly defined by the might of online intermediaries and spawning a generation who are simultaneously authors, users and re-users of creative works, the structure of copyright in its current form is inadequate and unfit for purpose.

This book sets out to diagnose in some detail the problems faced by copyright, before mapping out a path for comprehensive and structured reform. It contributes a reasoned and novel voice to a debate that is all too often driven by ignorance and partisan self-interest (based on publisher’s presentation).

Daniel J. Gervais, (Re)structuring Copyright – A comprehensive path to international copyright reform, Cheltenham/Northampton, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017.